I see how you see me.


I’ve been alternating between anger and sadness, but I want to stay angry. Sadness makes me small and diminishes my spirit. Anger fuels me for the fight ahead.

And it’s going to be a long, hard fight.

Today was all about refueling my spirit. An early morning walk with a dear friend whose mere presence calms my soul. A cup of coffee with honey drunk in small, mindful sips. Time spent communing with the gentle spirits of dogs and chickens. Lunch with another dear friend who challenges me to think in new ways. A very good, very long cry, and an equally long hug from my partner to help me stop. Hours and hours of the words and music of Leonard Cohen, followed by an evening spent absorbing the energy of the next generation of young activists and artists.

I am not done yet, and I know you aren’t either. Take as much time as you need. To process. To regroup. To refuel.

And when you are ready, rise with me.

We will fight intolerance, hatred, and bigotry. My brothers and my sisters and my siblings of all races, religions, preferences, cultures, abilities and creeds. All of us.