I see how you see me.

And now?


Yesterday, we attended rallies. Because we are women. Because we are men. Because we are both. Because we are neither. Because we are somewhere in-between. Because we are people.

Because we are Black. Because we are White. Because we are Latino. Because we are Arab. Because we are Asian. Because we are multi-racial. Because we are immigrants. Because we were born here.

Because we are Christian. Because we are Muslim. Because we are Jewish. Because we are Buddhist. Because we are Atheist. Because we are striving to be good people.

Because we need to come together. Because we are America.

Yesterday, we attended protests. Today, we get to work!

What work, you might ask?

The work of building on the momentum we created yesterday. The work of continuing to expand upon the networks that we created on buses and trains and airplanes as we traveled to different cities. The work of creating safe spaces where we can share thoughts and information about events that will help create unity between the incredibly diverse groups we represent and across our communities.

The work of strengthening our alliances by asking more questions and making fewer assumptions about each other. By increasing our curiosity and decreasing our judgment of one another. By asking, simply asking, how we can become better allies to our friends, and then by taking the time to truly listen to their answers.

And perhaps the hardest work of all. The work of taking a good, long look in the mirror and asking ourselves who we are, what we stand for, and what kind of world we want for ourselves and for our children.

Reach out to your friends. Make new ones. Join a local organization. Create alliances. Continue the momentum. Come together.

Because if we do not come together, everything will fall apart.